My buddy Michael, one of our Partners, sent this out today. It resonated with me so I thought I’d share his words with you all. He’s a smart guy, and we have the utmost respect for him. Hope you like it.


Happy Thursday, Team!

The longer I live the more firmly I believe that our mindset and perspective is what makes or breaks us.

The same situation viewed from different perspectives can be the difference between a struggle and a challenge.

A struggle that buries us.

Or a challenge that we rise up to meet and overcome.

For each of us our perspective and mindset is the truth.

Because it is ours.

It is the lense that we view the world through.

The anchor point around which everything else revolves.

And we oftentimes cling to it even though it could be doing us harm.

Years ago I was hit by tragedy after tragedy after tragedy and I quickly slipped into a ‘victim’ mentality.

Which was a byproduct of too much negative for my mind to process…to handle.

My mindset and perspective was of ‘why is this happening to me?’

This was due to both the setbacks but also by me trying to process and make sense of everything.

It wore me down.

I slipped into depression…and further into a very dark place.

And I stayed there for awhile because I couldn’t see my way out.

It was only when I began to change my perspective and mindset, taking inventory of what I had left (vs what I had lost) that I realized how much I had to live for…

I began to be thankful for everything…the apparent bad and good.

Not in a ‘rainbows and unicorns’ way but in a true and firm appreciation for the blessings that I had.

It started with a simple, small spark of the thought that I was blessed to still be alive…

The fact that I was still alive meant that my story was not over.

My story not being over meant that I still had power over the rest of it.

I could decide and dictate how the story would unfold.

One page at a time.

It was my choice, and mine alone, what I would write my story to be…what my life would be.

This mindset and perspective brought me back from the brink to where I am today…

Appreciative of my past.

Thankful for my present.

Excited about my future.

This was not an overnight change but a gradual one that occurred one day at a time.

That continues to this day.

I recently heard someone say that the very remedy for being depressed…is how it sounds. 

Meaning, when we find ourselves ‘depressed’, it is our bodies and minds signaling to us that we need ‘deep-rest’.

They are correct.

We need clean water, food and sleep to recharge our selves.

Time to sort through everything.

To breathe.

To think.

To be.

One moment at a time.

Talk soon!


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