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The role of the appraiser is to provide objective, impartial, and unbiased opinions about the value of real property. Appraisers assemble a series of facts, statistics, and other information regarding specific properties, analyze this data, and develop opinions of value.

Appraisals are prepared for lease negotiations, mortgage lending purposes, tax assessment arguments, divorces, bankruptcy, estate settlement, and more.

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From The Appraisal Foundation:  Learn why it is wise to hire a professional to appraiser your home, jewelry, business, or any type of property.


HISER & CO Appraisers have extensive knowledge of the Mohave County area. Both have resided in the County for almost 40 years and have lived and worked in all three major cities.

Common Myths about the Home Buying Process

Common Myths about the Home Buying Process Infographic from The Appraisal Foundation. Common myths related to Real Estate Brokers, Lenders, Borrowers, and Builders. Click here to download the PDF.

Why Engage A Professional Appraiser

A Brochure from The Appraisal Foundation.  Click here to download the PDF.

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