Billie Hiser

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Broker - Owner - Appraiser

Office: 928-377-3989

Cell: 928-706-3447

2535 Hualapai Mountain Road, Suite B
Kingman, AZ 86401

Born in Ohio, I am proud to be a Filipino American.  I grew up in Mohave County, Arizona. Not on purpose. I’ve lived in many states and abroad in the Philippines. But, I ended up in Mohave County, Arizona and I’m a product of my diverse background and the experiences I’ve had here. Growing up it was always chaos. We moved every 6 or 8 months.  The longest we stayed anywhere was the Philippines and that was only two and a half years. And I won’t even mention being the only brown skinned almond-eyed kid on the playground in the many states we lived in!  Rather than being a victim of my circumstances, I chose to be a fighter.  I had the entrepreneur’s spirit from a young age. I remember making cupcakes with friends and selling them door to door to make a few bucks to buy… whatever!  I started my first for-real business at 18.  I’ve always fought for my success and my happiness. That attitude as served me well my whole life.  Today, I live in Kingman, Arizona with my husband Gary Lott. We are slaves to our two dogs and a green iguana who thinks she’s’ a dog.  We love to garden, to cook, and most importantly, we love to eat!

A Different kind of Business Woman who gives a damn.

My background has given me a sense of social consciousness. I’ve lived with loss and experienced losing my home, my family, and my friends. These experiences have created a need to do something good. To help. To make a difference.  When my husband and I chose this career, we decided we had to be different, to do it different. During the economic downturn we watched the greed and underhanded dealings that were running rampant in the industry. We had to fight back. We spent years helping our clients fight foreclosures during the mortgage crisis. While that crisis is behind us, the fight is not.

I believe there is a better way, a different way to do business. I am committed to helping homeowners get the most profit possible from their home sales following my Diverse Path to Real Estate Success. Committed to helping home buyers find, negotiate, and purchase their dream home. And, I am committed to helping other businesses thrive in this ever-changing world of marketing and advertising through my media company Life’s Beaten Path. I’m silly. I’m a dreamer. I want to see my friends and colleagues in my network thrive so that collectively, we can all pay it forward and make a Difference by giving back in our local community.  It’s a Different Way to do Mohave County Real Estate.