It’s that time. Many of us forget how busy the last few weeks of the year can be.

With efforts to close the year strong and a variety of holidays and events, our schedules get thrown out of whack, and things seem to sneak up on us, unless we’re ready for it. I wasn’t quite ready but…eh!

It’s not just my schedule or yours. Everyone is a bit harried, a little less available. Response times change, showings and meetings are harder to schedule, and people aren’t always as focused on business.

Knowing this helps me keep things in perspective and reminds me I should use the time in other ways such as planning ahead, making a few changes and setting things in place for next year. Knowing where things stand allows you to think about what you want to be different next year. I don’t know about you, but we have some exciting things coming up!

I think it’s important that we define our own success. Many people tend to think they’re not successful, but it’s because they don’t actually have a measurement or even targets for what they consider “success.” To me, finding success isn’t about making a long list of goals and checking them off. It’s about knowing exactly where you are on your beaten path and knowing where you want to go next. When we are clear about those two points, we can map a course to get there. We can.

A few of the many things I’ve touched on this year.

-Nothing stays the same forever, even the best of relationships. A few very significant relationships in my life have shifted in amazing ways this year. Some shifts were easy and pleasant. Others, not so much. But each was an opportunity to tackle unknown territory and become more secure in myself and what I have to offer the world. It’s a step.

-I have always been one to celebrate big wins; others tend to appreciate the small successes that lead to them. This year, I did a better job of celebrating more of the small steps that make up every single victory. I have learned to enjoy each step in the process … not just the final product. I mean really, there are no big wins without multiple smaller steps. There is a surprising amount of power in small, simple steps strung together.

What’s Your Plan?

“Do or do not. There is no try.” A little bit of Yoda wisdom for you.

Whatever it is, you have to take a stab at new things. You must assess the resources at your disposal and leverage every single one of them. If something does not work, try something else. You have to figure it out. Whatever it is, it has to add value, and it has to make a difference. All steps in the right direction. If I can help, call me!
We are blessed in many ways; all our achievements have come from working together, in good faith, with all those around us, including you. Stay tuned for more in 2020 – this is the beginning of a new decade!

And know this: you are loved! This is a rough month for lots of people. Not all our family and friends made it through this year. Never take for granted the people you love. If you’re feeling blue, if you’re missing someone, if you’re regretting all you DIDN’T accomplish this past year, know that someone cares about it, and is here to listen. Hit reply, call, text email, just check in… if you want to. Any time.

As always, if we can help you with your Mohave County Real Estate please contact us! We’d love to assist you.

Gary Lott
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