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    Mohave County Home Shopper – Winter Visitor or Retirees?

    How’s our Mohave County Home shopper's doing today? How about everyone else?! Its that time of year, when everyone is drinking some sort of pumpkin spice something! I’m the boring one drinking water, what’s in your cup? It’s also the time of year when [...]

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    Mohave County Real Estate can be a long scary road

    The last couple months have been rough.  Have you ever had a monthly theme just kind of repeat itself over and over and over at you? So much so that you finally have to look up and say, “Okay! I get it! All right!” Lately, [...]

  • Welcome the Hiser and Co website

    Welcome To Our New Website

    Thank you for visiting we are so happy that you found us. If you are looking for a real estate site that understands the Mohave County you have found it. Please take a minute to look around and bookmark this page as we will be [...]